"Often it's hard to figure out if you are doing well in an area or not because you don't have a baseline to compare yourself to. Compass solves that problem."
Ken Rudin, Head of Analytics, Facebook -

"Amazing application! Compass saves us countless hours per week in data reporting and analysis. Key metric information about your business provided in the Revenue, Executive, Benchmark, Acquisition, Traffic Sources and Insights Reports."

"GREAT dashboard for stats and analytics. This feels like the technology that bigger companies have access to but I don't...until now. Their support is amazing, my issue was addressed within minutes. It was so impressive, I signed up for the premium version."

"Compass has been a great help in benchmarking our month to month sales. It is useful in helping us determine the monthly changes in conversion rates, traffic, and more from different traffic sources. 
The free version is very useful"

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What is Compass?

Compass is a digital analyst that helps you to manage your store through automated analytics.

Who is it for?

Compass is for every online store. Our users are CEO's, Marketers and Analysts.

All together

Compass provides you automated analytics that help you to manage your store. 

What's the cost?

Compass is 100% free. We plan to add paid premium features.

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